How to become a Dum Sum Teacher to be dumfounded by a Dum Baby
Notice MUMSDUMBSUM relates to her birthdate 09 01 1982, and to her HOCUSPOCUS ORITHMETIC NUMBERBABY which is an anagram of the GOBBLEDDYGOO number chosen by a Dumb Baby.

Notice DADSDUMBSUM relates to his birthdate 21 06 1982, and to his SMARTSTATE ARITHMETIC NUMBERBABY.

Notice the OMNIDUMBABY number relates to his birthdate 22 07 2013 and to the GOBBLEDYGOO and  DUMBSEXEGGS numbers which have to know everything in case one of the little ones goes missing...continued  
What number am I thinking of? Read my glasses 100 digits!
"Numerela Queen of The Deserted Dessert"
Mrs Noughtfear's Global Pineapplisation Project
Listen up, Nineapple Pineapple!  A drover's dog can
 do Gobbledygoo Orithmetic. Why are you so dumb?
What is a DUM we hear you ask? Discover your Dum too
"Nine Apples to Baby Mentalism" suitable ages 0-9
Discover your Gobbledygoo Number age 0-1. Get  your first Apple age 1 and your ninth Apple age 9 to qualify as professional Child Mentalist dumfounding the Teachers with 125 digit Superduper Numbers free from Mrs Noughtfear's Smart State School in  or at The Big Circus
A Satyrical response to Master Mentalists and the Mentalist's Bible "Thirteen  Steps to Mentalism"
It doesn't matter if you're black or white
Coming soon: The Wongles from Wonglepong Common
Where do Baby Numbers come from?
The Muddlesex Family of Queensland to present
      The Wongles from Wonglepong Common